Pláštěnka Hinbow

Pláštěnka Hinbow - Černá / L
Pláštěnka s kapucí z odolného PVC s žáruvzdornou povrchovou úpravou. Se zapínáním na knoflíky a dvěma předními kapsami.
M / L - XL / 2XL

Disposable Cover "Standard" - Purple

Disposable Cover  "Standard" - Purple
Lightweight disposable cover with hood in various different colours. Whether you wear it at a festival, sports event, or during unexpected showers while you're out and about - this cover will keep you nice and dry. Size: one size fits all.

Single-Use Long-Sleeved Gown, Set Of 20

Single-Use Long-Sleeved Gown, Set Of 20
Made from polyethylene, this cover offers safe protection from splashes, keeping both you and your clothing dry. Its low weight makes it the perfect companion for activities of all kinds. This gown, in a generous size, will win you over with its many features, which can be adapted to suit the individual wearer: it has long ties at the back, which allow the gown to be comfortably adjusted to suit any body shape. Below the neckline there are 2 slits, which allow the neck opening to be made smaller as required. The sleeves, featuring thumb holes, ensure that the gown offers a secure hold even with shorter arms.

Rain Cape "Open-Air"

Rain Cape "Open-Air"
Lightweight. Really low weight, reusable, single size. Practical for emergencies, sports events or travelling. Can be worn over normal clothing.

Rain Cape "Bowl"

Rain Cape "Bowl"
Always ready to hand and well stowed. Lighter, transparent rain poncho made from PE plastic in a screw off plastic ball with spring hooks.
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